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Tooling Manager AZ 70 - 80k (J#26733)

The Tool Room Supervisor is responsible for coordinating the work schedule for the tool room, and ensuring that the molds are capable for production. This involves managing the MCAs in the tool room by priority, assisting in tool repair decision making, ensuring the PM schedule is adequate and maintained, and the quality of work meets expectations.

Mold readiness Ensures molds are ready for production before it is scheduled to go into production.
Right first time Minimize the occurrences that molds come out of the machine for the same work that was recently done to the mold.
Machine downtime for mold repair Minimize the amount of downtime that is attributed to mold repair.
Spare inventory management Ensures the mold components at high risk are kept on the shelf. Manage the spare inventory to replenish components used. Balance the inventory to keep the dollar value on hand to a minimum.
Labor efficiency Ensure labor hours spent on work orders are efficient and continually improve.
Work order priorities - Consults with production team to establish priorities and communicate expected lead times for mold repair.
Preventive Maintenance - Maintains tooling preventive maintenance schedule. Ensures that the preventive work performed meets the procedural requirements. Also recommends changes to the schedule if the preventive maintenance is not adequate either from a tool functionality standpoint or from an over-burdening of resources standpoint.
Leadership Serve as a positive support for the tooling technicians, and work to continually improve the abilities of the tool room. This includes working with the other support departments to improve communication and teamwork.
Awareness and compliance to ISO 14000 requirements per company policies and procedures.
Other duties as assigned by the Tooling Manager.


Strong external and internal customer skills for good communication to direct reports and to other departments.
Thorough understanding of machining equipment and repair techniques.
Good understanding of mold design and the injection molding manufacturing process.
Ability to balance competing responsibilities such as manage inventory dollars while optimizing spare inventory, and improving labor efficiency while also improving the work quality.
Knowledge of outside tooling vendor performance.
Able to thrive in an environment characterized by high growth, participation, and change.
Flexibility to work overtime and weekends
Computer literate


Operations procedures
Mold data base software

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