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Setup Technician IL Open (J#26546)
Education: High School
Experience: 4 - 9 years

General Description: The 3rd Shift (9:30pm-6:00am) Set-up Technician's responsibilities include the following; Setting up injection molding machines and all related equipment to allow the manufacture of product that meets or exceeds the established quality levels at the standard rates that have been established. Pulling molds from injection molding machines. Assembling and disassembling workstations with the required secondary equipment to support manufacturing of product.

- Set up of the molding machine and all related workstation equipment to process customer orders as necessary.
- Assure the correct support equipment and supplies are available at start up.
- Assists in establishing process parameters and helps assure that the process remains in control.
- Assist in troubleshooting molding and or assembly issues to maintain part quality and meet standard production rates as needed.
-Assists in segregating first piece, set up, processing, or sample parts from approved production.
-Assists in entering Downtime and Set Up information into Production Process System.
-Assist with all material handling functions such as material movement to and from the press, cleaning of hopper-dryers, and grinders.

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