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Sets up and operates molds NE 28 - 35k (J#9969)
Education: High School
Experience: 1 - 3 years

Sets up and operates high-speed injection molding machines and IML robotics by performing the following duties

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
Must be able to satisfactorily perform duties of Class C Mold Specialist.
- Perform a daily Beginning of Shift audit of assigned area with outgoing IML Molding Specialist.
- Perform machine start-up and shut down to required procedures.
- Remove contamination from tip areas of molds to required procedures. Remove and replace tips to required procedures.
- Know product acceptability after completion of machine adjustments and/or color changes.
- Review production schedule, make color, material and label changes during the shift in compliance with production schedule in order to prevent overruns.
- Review with area supervisor and/or quality assurance technicians the floor inspection and diameter size check reports and follow up on items needing technical corrections.
- Perform quality inspections and document product quality and color shades to assure product is within specifications.
- Communicate with quality auditors and/or Lead Molding Specialist regarding questionable product and make timely adjustments.
- Monitor cycle times to required procedures.
- Responsible for quality, scrap and machine efficiency in assigned area.
- Maintain safety and housekeeping expectations, report potential machine or work hazards, respond immediately to emergency machine problems, and insure the safety of co-workers within designated work area.
- Communicate with other shifts about machine problems, robot problems, quality problems, and changes in molding process and handling.
- Work with Technical Support in robotic operations
- Enters basic information into computer. Maintains accurate computer logs.
- Understands label computer system and checks for change information
- Operate IML robotics
- Fill IML robot magazine with schedule labels
- Inspect and may pack finished goods
- Retrieve scheduled labels from storage area
- Maintains accurate label inventories that will be returning to storage
- Meet safety, housekeeping and attendance expectations.
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