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Production Manager OK Open (J#27333)
Education: Bachelors Degree
Experience: 4 - 9 years

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
Confers with management personnel to establish production and quality control standards and to develop
budget and cost controls.
Communicates to all shift leaders production plans, activities and established production priorities.
Directs trains and coaches all shift leaders on company policies and procedures.
Informs the human resources department when personnel problems arise, and assists with the hiring of new
Reviews employee performance evaluation and coaches all shift on how to complete the employee
Coordinate with the human resource department all employee disciplinary reports and or terminations.
Coordinates production activities with procurement, maintenance, and quality control activities to obtain
optimum production and utilization of human resources, machines and equipment.
Develops and implements operating methods and procedures designed to eliminate operating problems and
improve product quality.
Work with production and inventory control to revise production schedules and priorities as result of
Carlisle FoodService Products
A Carlisle Company
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equipment failure or operating problems.
Consult with engineering personnel relative to modifications of machines and equipment in order to
improve production and quality products.
Reviews production and operating reports and resolves operational, manufacturing and maintenance
problems to ensure minimum costs and prevent operational delays.
Inspects machines and equipment to ensure specific operational performance and optimum utilization.
Devel0ps or revises standard operational and working practices and observes workers to ensure compliance
with procedures and standards.
Compiles, stores, and retrieves production data.
Participates in the safety team and the AIB team and helps to plan for safety and plant protection activities.
Cooperates with other members of management personnel in formulating and establishing company
policies, operating procedures and goals.
Responsible for aiding in own self-development by being available and receptive to all training made
available by the company.
Plans daily activities within the guidelines of company policy, job description, and Supervisor's instruction
in such a way as to maximize personal output.
Responsible for keeping own immediate work area in a neat and orderly condition to ensure safety of self
and co-workers. Will report any unsafe conditions and/or practices to the appropriate supervisor and
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