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Process Technician TX 40 - 48k (J#27476)
Education: High School
Experience: 4 - 9 years



Job Title: Process Technician IVDepartment: Manufacturing

Reports to: Plant ManagerJob code/status: Non-Exempt

A Process Technician is responsible for all production and supervision during his shift. He is to troubleshoot presses running substandard quality and/or out of specification, and ensure all production meets customer and management expectations.


Essential functions
Monitor that all processes are running to master set-ups and rates.
Work on cycle times that are slow continuous improvement
Problem solving and root-cause analysis

Duties and Responsibilities
Monitor process to insure that they are within Master set-up sheets
Trouble shoot presses running substandard quality and/or out of specification
Insure that molds are cleaned and lubed on time each shift
Startup job after changes are done submit first shot to Quality. Do follow-up to
ensure start-up parts and press is running to specification
Work with the Leads to insure operators are trained and can efficiently carry out their responsibilities
Set molds if the mold setter is absent
Housekeeping and organizing production floor
Ensure that mold setters and material handlers are trained and ensure last shot off olds go to tool shop
Work with the Leads to prioritize the workload for the day including paper work and the changing of jobs.
Updates of process 3 times per week
Make rounds every two hours to insure the quality of all production running
Program and maintain SEPRO Robots
Perform maintenance as required


To Plant Manager
To every aspect of technical service

Performance Expectations
To solve problems
To help reduce internal scrap
To complete a Process Technician P.Q.S.
To improve Productivity
To work as a team with all departments
To reduce internal and external rejects
To complete the Paulson training courses
To program and operate Robots


Minimum requirements
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