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Process Technician OH Open (J#27281)
Education: High School
Experience: 4 - 9 years

The ideal candidate would have a minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience in plastics or packaging processing. Associate Degree in technology or equivalent is preferred, but not necessary. A good working knowledge of plastics and plastics forming processes is a must. A high want is exposure to RJG and/or Scientific Molding. Must be a hands-on technician.

Required Functions/Skills
Must have good written and verbal communications
Must have good people skills.
Must have good management and organizational skills.
Must have computer skills and a working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, database and project management.
Must be self-motivated and exhibit good follow through.
Must be experienced in injection molding (PET resin and Husky equipment preferred)
Co-injection experience and Injection-Stretch Blow molding is preferred.
Excellent processing skills
Must be familiar with scientific molding, DOE/SDEs

Job Responsibilities
To establish best-in-class processes for prototype tool molding and prove out new innovations.
1.Perform preventative maintenance on all laboratory equipment
2.Aid in planning, building and growth of Research and Development center
3.Assist in implementation of new innovations into production which create value-added scenarios
4.Explore new opportunities & methods and present scenarios to grow the Research & Development facility; keeping the company at or ahead of what is currently available at any time on the technical front
5.Assessment of alternate materials and aiding of resins across the entire manufacturing stream; product design, tool design, equipment requirements and process optimization
6.To explore and determine new energy savings techniques and processes, promoting cost savings
a.Determine the techniques on a prototype level
b.Aid in the implementation of the techniques on a production level

To conduct prototype trials to support customer needs; both internal and external.
1.Take ownership of all lab equipment
2.Change over molds and install new prototype equipment into the lab machines
3.Establish optimized, best-in-class processes using the prototype equipment to determine feasibility
a.Obtain laboratory-level quality data from parts using best-in-class processes
b.Fulfill prototype orders
c.Report results.

To support problem solving, process optimization and continuous improvement activities at Encon.
1.Establish recommended process during the development phase.
2.Support tooling trials
3.Provide technical support required to optimize the molding process
4.Provide ongoing support in the continuous improvement process
5.Provide technical support in the assessment of new equipment technologies and determine benefits to the company.

To provide support in the development of new tool designs and evaluation for opportunities outside of the perform area.
1.Consult on the design of the part and the molds.
2.Run prototypes and tool trials in the R&D lab.
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