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Process Technician MA Open (J#26576)
Education: High School
Experience: 4 - 9 years

Responsible for timely mold changes and clean-ups.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Per written procedures (QSPs, QWIs, QFs, etc) all of the following are the responsibilities of a Process Technician

Ensure that molds/machines run at standard producing acceptable quality parts after start up and during run. If process will not run at standard then document discrepancies and activities to fix on Process Troubleshooting Form, Mold Inspection and Maintenance Form and report problem verbally to Senior Mold Technician or VP Engineering.

Produce Process Run Sheet for set up if different from previous or there is not one available in the mold book
Responsible for timely mold changes, start-ups, and clean-ups
Review manufacturing schedule and work ticket standards with the Senior Mold Technician
In collaboration with Management and the VP Engineering you will determine whether to run the job or shut the job down depending on process verses standard and customer requirements for product
Responsible for training any assistant technicians

Responsible for completing Mold Inspection and Maintenance Form and Process Troubleshooting/Change Form:
After internal or external repair review Mold and Maintenance Report Form to ensure that mold has been properly repaired and is running at standard. Signature required on this form upon approval of the repair
Develop and foster environment for continuous improvement.
Improve machine, and product handling efficiencies
Post-mold installation assuring that all tools are put away, all debris are cleaned up, proper bins, conveyors, and tables are in place, and that if a grinder is needed one is clean and appropriately located for a particular machine
Responsible for the training of Shift Leads in molding problem solving, intervention and contingency planning

Other assigned duties as needed

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