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Process Technician MA 45 - 55k (J#28018)
Education: High School
Experience: 1 - 3 years

Job Title: Process Technician
Department: Manufacturing

Reports to: VP of Manufacturing Operations
Date: 6/1/2014
Purpose of the job (how this job fits into the structure of IMS): Our vision here at IMS is to help our customers to bridge the gap between their innovative product ideas and having scalable manufacturing solutions for their products. The process technician at IMS plays a key role in the development, maintenance and continuous improvement of injection molding processes, tooling and equipment.
Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

1.Develop processes for new tooling and/or changes to existing tooling
Participate in the development and executing of tooling qualification (IQ, OQ, PQ)
Monitor process parameters and resulting parts; effectively communicate opportunities for improvement
Perform DOEs to establish optimal process settings
Deliver capable processes to manufacturing for volume production meeting quality and cycle time requirements
Document and release process setup sheets with established processes
2.Set-up and start up existing manufacturing jobs
Assist in setup of existing production jobs
Start-up jobs to established process setup sheets
Work in conjunction with the Quality department to approve first shots and complete start-up form
Complete required fields in the device history record for each job
3.Maintain injection molding jobs that are running
Play key role in the troubleshooting and diagnosis of issues found during molding
Communicate effectively with Manufacturing, Quality and Engineering team members to solve injection molding issues
Participate and/or lead continuous improvement activities to improve injection molding processes
4.Communicate with customers during on-site visits
Demonstrate process running parts during customer visits
Provide explanation of processing and impact on dimensional and visual requirements (as needed)

5+ years injection molding process experience
Experience on injection molding equipment
Experience with engineering grade resins
Working knowledge of injection mold processing using engineering grade resins
Strong troubleshooting skills on injection molding machines
Experience with multi-color molding and overmolding
Demonstrated experience with process development using DOE and IQ, OQ, PQ (or equivalent)
Analytical approach to process development and problem solving
Technical degree and/or RJG certification a plus
Ability to work with minimal supervision
Ability to communicate effectively and efficiently
Ability to perform as a member of a team
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