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Process Technician CA 48 - 56k (J#27130)
Education: Bachelors Degree
Experience: 10 - 20 years

POSITION ROLE: Responsible for establishing and monitoring injection molding processes, from a scientific point of view, document it, and control it. Perform sample request procedure. Assist in supervising activities of personnel as directed by the Supervisor.

1.Assist Supervisor with technical operations of injection molding.
2.Conduct Technicians check list daily.
3.Perform tooling P/M daily.
4.Monitor molding process operations and adjust when necessary.
5.Perform start up procedure.
6.Perform sample procedure.
7.Create process manuals.
8.Supervise and assist personnel as directed by Supervisor.
9.Follow procedures in IQMS to monitor efficiency, scrap, utilization, and schedule.
10.Create work orders for all auxiliary equipment repairs.
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