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Mold Maker CA Open (J#25631)
Education: High School
Experience: 4 - 9 years

Essential duties and responsibilities: include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Ability to use all equipment including EDM & OD- ID grinder.
Ability to sketch out your own mold from part- print, verbal instructions by supervisor or V.P. engineering
pertaining to shrinkage, type of runner, gating, venting, molding machine to be used, critical dimensions,
critical finishes, and absence of flash.
Ability to repair any mold in the shop by:
1.Diagnosing the problem.
2.Evaluating how to fix it and how long it will take.
3.Finding ways to prevent this problem from occurring again.
4.Making parts for replacing broken or warn out parts.
5.Performing proper assembly and respecting checklist for all functions of the mold.
Ability to keep accurate timing in regards of your estimated hours.
Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor or V.P. Eng.

Minimum 6 years experience as a mold maker.
Posses a good understanding of steel to be used, welding techniques to be used, heat treatment, and
Knowledge of plastic technology.
CNC Experience with mill and/or lathe a plus.
Performing requirements of mold makers B & C.
Ability to perform and dictate polishing practices to achieve finish on plastic parts as required.  - Register here for more Injection Molding Industry Jobs is the premier resume database and job search website that focuses specifically on the needs of the injection molding industry. Use this as an exclusive resource to find your next job or employee. We guarantee that you will be pleased with the special focus of this web site.