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Maintenance Technician NC Open (J#26950)
Experience: 1 - 3 years

Visually inspects and listens to machines and equipment to locate causes of malfunctions.

Dismantles machines and equipment to gain access to problem area.

Inspects and measures parts to detect wear, misalignment, or other problems.

Removes and replaces worn or defective parts of drive mechanism or hydraulic system.

Realigns and adjusts components on machines, robotics, etc.

Locates damaged air and hydraulic pipes on machine, and measures, cuts, threads, and installs new pipe.

Starts machines and equipment to test operation following repair.

Repairs broken parts.

Sets up and operates metalworking tools such as lathe, drill press, or grinder, to make or repair parts.

Modifies computer controlled motion of robot.

Performs electrical wiring on all types of systems and designs electrical system modifications.

Performs welding with arc, oxyacetylene and T.I.G. equipment, and general fabrication.

Builds packing and crating for special shipments.

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