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Maintenance Technician MA Open (J#26892)
Education: High School
Experience: 4 - 9 years

Installs, maintains, and repairs Plastic injection, IBM, automation and pad print machinery and equipment at Biomedical Polymers, Inc. by performing the following duties.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Per written procedures (QSPs and QWIs) all of the following are the responsibilities of a Maintenance Technician.
Schedules and performs maintenance on machinery, equipment, and building
Maintains accurate logs of maintenance
Repair, maintain and install machinery and auxiliary equipment
Requisition and maintain supplies for a fully functional Maintenance Department including requiring material safety data sheets on any chemicals ordered for the department
Coordinate and dispose of hazardous waste according to regulations
Visually inspects and tests machinery and equipment
Daily support for molding room to increase productivity
Listens for unusual sounds from machines or equipment to detect malfunction and discusses machine operation variations with supervisors or other maintenance workers to diagnose problem or repair machine
Dismantles defective machines and equipment and installs new or repaired parts
Cleans and lubricates shafts, bearings, gears, and other parts of machinery
Installs and repairs electrical apparatus, such as transformers and wiring, and electrical components of machinery and equipment
Installs, programs, or repairs automated machinery and equipment such as robots or programmable controllers
Repairs and maintains physical structure of establishment
Other assigned duties as needed

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