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Maintenance Engineer AL Open (J#27246)
Education: Bachelors Degree
Experience: 10 - 20 years

Essential Functions:

The Maintenance Engineer is responsible for assisting in coordinating and directing all necessary work
by the injection molding department and maintenance staff. This position is responsible to develop
machine issues lists, coordinate corrective action, and follow through on items to ensure completion.
The maintenance engineer will work to support the injection molding facilities through hands on activities
and will work towards developing the people, processes, procedures, and equipment used in the
operation. The maintenance engineer will own and lead the preventative maintenance activities at the

Responsibilities and Accountabilities - Primary duties, activities or responsibilities of the position:


The Maintenance Engineer will be responsible for working with the plant to develop appropriate training
material for the injection molding operations.

The Maintenance Engineer will be required to evaluate the maintenance team and develop a site specific
training / skill top grade program to ensure success. They will be required to assist the site technical
manager to determine where the training needs are required. They will be expected to hold training
seminars where applicable and setup site training when needed.


The Maintenance Engineer will be required to assess the current condition of PM practices and
procedures at the facility and make appropriate changes to ensure effectiveness and consistency of the
PM activity at the plant.

The Maintenance Engineer will be expected to have extensive maintenance experience and background
within injection molding. The Maintenance Engineer will need to use data based machine testing
protocol to determine which machines at the plant need to be repaired, what repairs will need to be
done, and which equipment needs to be targeted for replacement. The maintenance engineer will be
responsible for tracking these machine issues using the INFOR maintenance software and developing,
following, and completing corrective action.

The Maintenance Engineer will be expected to be very hands on and will work with the plant to improve
equipment related issues that are related to plant performance. They will be required to evaluate
equipment, make recommendations for improvement, and execute their own recommendations.

The Maintenance Engineer will be accountable for improving performance of plant equipment and
ensuring the proper procedures are in place and being followed to ensure equipment longevity.

The Maintenance Engineer will be responsible to be a root cause problem solver. When solving
equipment related issues the Engineer will be expected to apply a logical methodology and will use data
where possible to make the best decisions.

The Maintenance Engineer will be responsible for evaluating the current MRO inventory at the facility,
determine deficiencies, and recommended what needs to be stocked and at what levels. The Engineer
will be expected to work with each technical manager to forecast MRO inventory into their FY expense

The Maintenance Engineer will need to work with to identify capital improvement opportunities and
develop justification. When applicable the Engineer will need to write an appropriations request, follow
the request through the approval process, and help implement.


The Maintenance Engineer will have extensive experience with a wide range of robotic part handling
systems and the related maintenance that is required for optimal performance. The Engineer will be
required to perform robot optimization through hands on programming.


Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Or equivalent experience.

Ten to Fifteen years experience in injection molding maintenance / manufacturing engineering.

A minimum of ten years direct hands on maintenance experience in an injection molding facility.

Technical Requirements (Skills, experience or specialized training requirements necessary to perform
the activities of the position).

Analytical problem solving skills:

Exceptional understanding of injection molding processes and equipment.

Extensive hands on experience with injection molding equipment, robotics, and auxiliary equipment.

Proven maintenance troubleshooting experience.

Proven mechanical aptitude for problem solving.

Proven maintenance engineering excellence in the automotive industry.

Proven hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical experience and troubleshooting ability.

Solid understanding of controls and control systems in the injection molding environment.

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