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Injection Molding Tech MN Open (J#26396)
Education: High School

The Plastic Technician position must exhibit a high level of knowledge in the injection molding process. He/she should be comfortable making significant technical decisions. The more experience, the higher the Grade. Technicians separate themselves from the other technicians by demonstrating exceptional leadership abilities, and have certain leadership responsibilities for a shift.

1. Support training and development of other technicians.
2. Provide technical support to supervisor.
3. Conduct new tool and material tryouts.
4. Oversee mold changes and startups.
5. Aid in development of setup sheets.
6. Start-up injection molding process adjustments.
7. Perform mold and insert changes.
8. Clean molds prior to, during, and after a production run.
9. Prepare molds for installation.
10. Assist in mold maintenance activities.
11. Perform color changes.
12. Clean and prepare auxiliary equipment for manufacturing.
13. Maintain clean work environment.
14. Assure correct raw materials are at the press.
15. Operate injection-molding press when needed.
16. Perform tasks as assigned by shift supervisor.
17. Work to maintain production schedule.
18. Participate in PCI teams.
19. Assist other Plastic Technicians.
20. Complete training requirements.

1. Must demonstrate leadership potential.
2. Must have proven knowledge of the injection molding process.
3. Must be able to install and extract injection molds.
4. Must be able to troubleshoot injection-molding process.
5. Must demonstrate effective communication skills.
6. Must be a team player.
7. Must be able to work with little or no supervision.
8. Must be innovative an open to new ideas.
9. Must have acceptable or above rating on annual performance review.

High School Diploma or GED. 2-year degree or completion of Grade 2, 3 & 4 training requirements, or equivalent work experience.  - Register here for more Injection Molding Industry Jobs is the premier resume database and job search website that focuses specifically on the needs of the injection molding industry. Use this as an exclusive resource to find your next job or employee. We guarantee that you will be pleased with the special focus of this web site.